Domain Eucarya
Kingdom Plantae
Division Magnoliophyta (formerly Phylum Tracheophyta)
Class Magnoliopsida (formerly Class Angiospermae)
Subclass Asteridae (formerly Subclass Dicotyledonae)
Order Solanales
Family Polemoniaceae

The phlox family, with 18-26 genera and about 300 species.  Most Poleminiaceae are tiny herbal plants; all exhibit tiny, delicate flowers with five fused petals.

Subfamily Acanthogilioideae:

Subfamily Cobaeoideae: Subfamily Polemonioideae:

Genus Gilia was recently split into about 8 genera (those with subscripted "G"'s).

Polemoniaceae Web Site

J. Mark Porter and Leigh A. Johnson "A phylogenetic classification of Polemoniaceae" (Aliso 19: 55-91. Aug 2000)
as discovered at

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