Pocky G is one of the newest of the Pocky variants. The standard formula of cookie stick dipped 90% of the way into chocolate has not been tampered with (otherwise, it would no longer be Pocky). Instead the cookie stick has been beefed up to the thickness of the sticks used for Mousse Pocky. The cookie stick has also been flavored with chocolate, and baked longer giving it a solid crunch. The chocolate has changed as well, being replaced by a harder shell of dark chocolate. The end result is a something that takes plain Pocky to a whole new level.

Even the packaging is different, eschewing the bright colors of standard Pocky for a stark white box with black text. A large letter G is promininatly displayed with red text, claiming what is inside to be Hard & Rich. Truer words have never been spoken. When it comes to Pocky - this is truly the luxury model.

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