This is a rather clever way to raise money for a controversial organization. The idea is, interested members of the community pledge a certain amount of money for each person that shows up to protest the organization. If a group of protesters show up, the pledgers donate the appropriate amount of money.

I first ran into this concept was when a pro-life group came to my campus to protest a local women's clinic. The clinic had a "Pledge a Picketer" fund raiser, and apparently raised a decent amount of money.

This is an interesting idea for two reasons:

  1. It uses cognitive dissonance against the protesters. Their goal is to hurt the organization in some way, but a direct result of protesting is getting funds for the organization. The more people they get to come, the more money their enemy will get.

  2. It means that the group holding a "Pledge a Picketer" wins either way. If no protesters show up, it's buisness as usual with no interuptions. If protesters do show up, well hey, more funds.

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