When Break, another friend and me were in Helsinki visiting Octarine's new place I got this strange idea.

There's this tunnel beside the Helsinki railway station where there's at least one street singer present whenever you walk through it.

So since we had just seen all those nice bongs at Octarine, I suddenly had a flash of inspiration: Why not get a street playing permit, a bong and a group of crazy people and do a small gig just for kicks.

The bong would have to be modified with a whistle in place of the bowl so it would go peep when ever you blew into it. Then, we'd have printed sheets of the Popeye theme.

And the result: a group of people singing Popeye the Sailor very loud with someone blowing into the bong every time Popeye's supposed to whistle with his pipe.. I'm Popeye the Sailor man *peep* *peep*..

And mind you, all of us were sober at the time of this great inspiration.

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