Flat. Very flat, full of white hot concrete and devoid of any distinguishing marks. This is interstate 10 for most of the route from Jacksonville, Florida to Houston, Texas. There are a couple of interesting bridges-Mobile and Baton Rouge for example, but it's mostly low marshes, flat rice fields or sea level flat lands. Not the kind of landscape to captivate your attention.

So, what to do?.

Angie is dressed for the weather, which is a bad thing I think. She is decked out in tank top, jean shorts and flip flops. Yes, it's 90 degrees outside with humidity to match, but we're inside with the AC cranked for most of the day. So, of course she's freezing and I'm sweating like a pig. We are zipping westward and the sky is that watertower gray that goes with heavy air and periodic storms.

The game goes like this: make up stories about the drivers that pass us- pick one each as a car/truck goes by (the ratio of truck to car goes up exponentially as we cross into Louisiana and head toward the Sabine, btw).

Me-white Escort-retired lady, driving to town to pick up bread and milk, meant to take side road but mixed exit-wants to know why everyone is going so darn fast.

Angie-blue Ford pickup-mechanic-on the way home after work, 6 semi-squashed beer cans in the bed are from yesterday, fresh cans are up front, still in progress. Wants to drive on shoulder and hit Armadillo but busted muffler is in the way. Will have to wait for later opportunity.

Me-blue GMC Van with mauve trim-family of four on their way to Houston for Astroworld vacation and numerous other tourist traps. Kids are listening to loud kiddie rock on CD players-Mom & Dad are talking and dreaming about their vacations with their parents-they swear they won't make their kids miserable. Good luck

Angie-red Mustang-college girl, sorority sister-zipping home to see Mummie and Dads from LSU. Is wearing 1,000 worth of jewelery and has about the same amount of coke in her console. Drives at 85 without a care because she has a radar detector and a low cut blouse. She might get stopped, but a speeding ticket is unlikely.

There are worse ways to spend a day on this treadmill.

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