As defined by British Doctrine, Platoon Level is defined as being a body of men, 30 strong, armed with Light Weapons, and possibly a single, or couple of Light Mortars, or Medium Machine Guns.

British Army Doctine, states that a platoon consits of 3 sections of 8 men (equipped with 6 SA-80's and 2 LSW's), and a Platoon Headquaters.

The Platoon Headquaters consits of a Platoon Commander, a Subaltern, A Platoon Sergeant (Sergeant), or possibly, a Colour Sergeant, a Signaller (Private), a 51mm Mortar Team (Lance Corporal and a Private), and finally a Medium Machine Gun Team, (2 Privates). The Medium Machine Gun Team is usally Centralized, into a Machine Gun Platoon.

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