Weird stuff this. As the name may or may not suggest, this is a rock which one applies to one's pits. In other words, it is a natural underarm deodorant made from some sort of mineral salt (ammonium alum according to the ingredients) and if you're prepared not to ask too many questions I can tell you that it does indeed taste a lot like salt. As the label says, it is 100% natural antibacterial mineral action, and as such it does not contain aluminium like almost all ordinary deodorants, which apparently can get absorbed into the bloodstream from the skin and cause all sorts of problems in your brain, and it also does away with clogged pores and can be used on sensitive skin, which is nice.

Having discovered this quite by accident, I can tell you the stuff works surprisingly well. It looks like any other deodorant stick, only instead of being made of some sticky scented gunge, it's made from a very hard substance which looks like rough crystal. It is, however, surprisingly smooth, and once wetted and applied there's none of the usual stickiness or discomfort you'd get from a more conventional deodorant. Admittedly it is a little expensive, but as you can imagine, being made of rock it soon pays for itself as it outlasts the others by far.

You can find out more, or order some, here:

Update: a year on, and the PitRok has reduced in size by perhaps two or three milimetres! Quality stuff! You buy now! Woof!

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