Cam: a divx movie, much a like a screener, only instead of being nicely positioned by the tape reel, the camera can be anywhere - even handheld. The worst quality of divx movies. : a cam is a movie captured from theatre seating, with sound captured via microphone. they are almost always released as vcds, not divx.

Telesync (TS): another type of divx movie. Made like a screener, only the sound (and sometimes the video) is synced together from semi-original sources (ie - the tape reel, etc.) : TS releases are cams that are usually shot from within the theatre projection booth, with direct (not miked) sound input. almost always released in vcd format, not divx.

Telecine (TC): less seen than TS, telecine releases were captured from film using a machine that sits directly in front of the movie projector and records the movie right from the projection lens. not common, as it requires both the (fairly expensive) telecine machine, and also because the process blocks the projection from being shown on screen, and therefore must be done in a 'private screening'. should be of better quality than TS. sometimes good-quality TS releases are labelled TC to avoid being called "dupes' (duplicates) of another TS of the same movie released earlier.

Video Disc (VCD): Video discs are a popular format in China and many Asian countries. VCDs are not all illegal but many are since they infringe on copyright laws and international video piracy laws. VCDs are essentially mpeg streams, burned onto CDs in .dat form. They are the most easily played, you dont need and codecs and many DVD players are able to play them. The Chinese and Taiwanese are apparently the world leaders when it comes to bootleg VCDs. An important fact is that many theaters and retailers get Screeners in VCD before American retailers get them in VHS or DVD. Also many telesync and telecine releases are put on VCDs.

Super Video Discs (SVCD): Super video discs are essential VCDs with a much greater quality mpeg stream, usually in mpeg2. They are in mpeg format so yet again basically any computer can play it, without having and codecs installed.. Also many DVDs play it. They are gaining extreme popularity due to the fact that they can have DVD style menus and that you can essentially burn a DVD quality movies on three to four discs. Most SVCD releases are either DVD-Rips or TV Rips

DVD Rip (Divx): Quite possibly the highest quality rip next to svcds and DVD-Rs. DVD rips are movies that were ripped by using DeCSS in conjunction with a Divx encoder. They are usually high quality with excellent sound. In recent months they are getting even more high quality. Most groups have switched from one disc releases to two disc releases and many are using ogg vorbis and AC3 for audio. Also xvid (divx backwards) is gaining popularity although its still in developmental stages and are still pretty buggy

DVD-R: Newest technology that is being used in the scene. They are simply DVDs that have been decoded using DeCSS or other new technologies. However due to the limitations of current DVD writers to write dual layer discs, many have slightly downsampled audio or/and video to put fit it on one DVD-R. Most DVD-R rips come in .img form. They are relatively unpopular since most are around 4 gigabytes and require DVD burners to write, while divx and svcd dvd rips have nearly the same quality while being lower in size and easier to burn

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