An original Igorot food that is prepared in a fashion that is quite different and even shocking to some people.

The recipe calls for one live chicken (now you are curious huh), a few pieces of Sayote, a few stalks of Pechay, salt and water and a medium sized whacking stick. You will also have to prepare a small outdoor fire.

Here is the good part, first you take the live chicken and lie it upside down and spread the wings apart, you will first need to repeatedly hit the chicken in the breast and area under the wing with your whacking stick, the idea is to get the chicken to haemmorage and get the blood to clot. As you repeatedly do this the chicken will begin to get limp, you must take care not to kill the chicken yet.
With your fire you will now burn off all the feathers to prepare the chicken for butchering. If the chicken is not yet dead after this then you take your whacking stick and hit the chicken on the head, hit it strong enough to kill it but not strong enough to make it bleed.

So now the chicken is dead, featherless and is very slightly roasted, not to mention beaten severely. You now cut the chicken into serving pieces, throw away the parts you can't eat like the gall bladder and the remains of its digestive tract (the digestive tract organs are edible just not the contents) and throw it in a pot along with the other ingredients.

Bring to a boil and enjoy your original .ph Igorot delicacy.

And oh yeah, take THAT PETA!

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