Pimlico is a strange small residential enclave of its own, contained within the most famous London borough of Westminster. Bordering north of the River Thames, and to the south of Victoria. It's generally an expensive, exclusive area where the rich, famous and the politically powerful like to buy £multimillion homes to not live in. However there are three council estates for the poorer members (the rich need servants) of the Pimlico community, of which I am one.

Pimlico has a rebellious attitude when any other area claims to have it under its control. That's why the main local newspaper of Westminster has to be titled "Westminster and Pimlico News". Some people also say Pimlico is part of Victoria, whereas true Pimlicanians will have none of that and insist on the geographical description of "attached to the south of Victoria".

Also the star of the movie "Passport to Pimlico", where Pimlico becomes independent during the post-war rationing and all the residents have lots of fun in their own little state. Filmed in Lambeth strangely.

Pimlico has one tube station (on the Victoria Line), two post offices, a Tesco supermarket, a library, Warrick Way and Lupus Street as its high streets, and various highly exclusive art and fashion shops which never appear to have any customers. Pimlico sounds small but is only a short walking, bus, or tube distance from all of the rest of the urban jungle of London. The very strangeness of Pimlico is how it manages to maintain its unique bubble in the center of the London so successfully despite all odds.

Pimlico is served irregulary but very directly by the Bus 24. Schist has reminded me to add that Pimlico is also the location of the original Tate Gallery (now called the National Tate).

Pimlico is the name of an old road and a neighborhood in the northwestern part of the city of Baltimore, Maryland, on the east coast of the United States. The road runs by a horse racing course that is the site of the annual Preakness Stakes, the second part of the annual Triple Crown.

The race course dates from 1870. For the period 1890-1909, when the Preakness was held in Morris Park, New York, the grounds appear to have been used for the Maryland State Fair. Pimlico Race Course is the home of the Maryland Jockey Club.

Pimlico Road in Baltimore has been in existence since the 18th century, and may well be named after the older region near Westminster in England. It runs through an old neighborhood with another transplanted English name: Cheswolde.

Pim"li*co (?), n. Zool.

The friar bird.


© Webster 1913.

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