The one and only undeniable truth in the entire universe is this: Pie is good. No other phrase contains as much truth as that one. The simple fact is, every human being likes pie. If you know someone who doesn't like pie, chances are they're a remnant from an ancient alien colonization of Earth. This phrase is the ultimate greeting, as well. Take, for example, the following conversation:

Bob: Pie is good.
Jon: Pie is damn good.
Bob: Damn straight.
Jon: Mmmm. Pie.
Bob: I could go for some pie right now...
Jon: Let's go find pie!
Bob: Okay!

By doing nothing more than simply uttering the phrase "Pie is good," Bob was able to spark a flame inside Jon's soul that set him into action. And what's more, they both got to go eat some pie. Everyone was happy. So stop reading this silly node already, and go eat pie. Why? Because pie is good. Pie is damn good.

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