PicoBSD(current version .41, developer version .45) is a stripped down distribution of FreeBSD 3.0. PicoBSD is designed to be small enough fit on a single high density floppy disk or in a small quantity of Flash memory storage. The goal of the PicoBSD project is to create a small version of BSD suitable for information appliances like: routers, Internet Terminals and eventually PDA's and other devices that need a high quality/small footprint OS. PicoBSD comes in two languages: English and Polish. PicoBSD can run on as little as an i386SX because it has FPU emulation in its kernel. PicoBSD only needs 6MB of ram in its lightest form, the Router version. 8MB in its standard form, the Dialup version. And only 10MB in its Networking version. No hard drive is required, though the Networking version can support a small swap partition if desired.

Similar efforts include: the Linux Router Project(or LRP), and the QNX 4 floppy demo.

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