Physical Review is the title of a series of research journals published by the American Physical Society.

The first series (I) was published from 1893-1912. A second series was started in 1913 and continued until 1969, when the journal was divided by subject matter as follows:

As the fields of condensed matter and materials physics, Physical Review B (PRB) exploded in size. In 1993, the APS launched a new journal which would be devoted some theoretical aspects previously submitted to PRB:

Furthermore, Physical Review Letters (PRL) became a separate publication in 1958. As it contains articles from all fields and is meant to be used for exciting announcements of interest, in principle, to all physicists, publication in PRL is very prestigious.

In my opinion, Physical Review is the epitome of what scientific publishing should be. Contrary to journals published for profit by private companies, these journals provide and enhance communication among researchers without bilking the funding agencies or subscribing libraries.

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