Fantasy series published in the late 80's and early 90's. This six volume work went rapidly out of print, proof, once again, that There Ain't No Justice.

The Dungeon was not written or created by Philip Jose Farmer, rather, it is a shared world edited by Farmer, in "the spirit, not the content, of the Farmerian universe next-door, the pulp-and-classic". It tells the story of intrepid explorer Clive Folliot, searching a strange parallel world in search of his missing brother Neville.

The books, in Farmerian style, mix real characters with fictional, distort reality, thrust the protagonists into worlds they never dreamed of (and pray for escape from). It begins in darkest Africa and romps through settings including Dante's Inferno.

  1. The Black Tower, Richard Lupoff
  2. The Dark Abyss, Bruce Coville
  3. The Valley of Thunder, Charles De Lint
  4. The Lake of Fire, Robin Bailey
  5. The Hidden City, Charles De Lint
  6. The Final Battle, Richard Lupoff

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