Currently the largest mall in NH, the Pheasant Lane Mall ( is located on the Daniel Webster Highway in Nashua NH. The mall is so large that While it resides in NH a large section of it's parking lot resides in MA. Currently there are 130 stores in the mall. They have free wheelchairs, strollers, kid ID bracelets and regularly participate in community events like the poorly named "Cycle to Break the Cycle of Domestic Violence Bike-a-Thon" and the "Mall Walking Program" where groups or people get together to go for a walk in the mall. Two laps around the mall is roughly one mile and registered mall walkers are allowed into the mall 2 hours before the stores open. Of course, there is that nice tempting food court waiting for them and their purses when they're done.

The location of the mall was very specifically chosen in that it is just off a major highway Route 3 and offers easy access to MA shoppers not wanting to pay sales tax (NH has no sales tax, except on food I think).

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