The Phase Dagger is one of the most important items a character can discover in ADOM. Along with items like the seven league boots and amulets of life saving, they are one of the most commonly wished for items- and for good reason!

While the Phase Dagger deals only 1D4 damage, normally without any plusses (to damage or to hit), it's still an excellent weapon that can kill enemies as tough as Molochs in half the time of many artifacts, due to it's special ability- It ignores the opponent's PV, or the protection value of their armour.

Another good point is that they weigh half the weight (5S) of a normal dagger. While they're not any better at throwing, they retain their armour-piercing properties when thrown. These things are almost a prerequisite to Moloch hunting... normally, some characters can't take on a Moloch and survive, but with a bit of work with one of these it doesn't normally end up with a player fatality.

There is no truly guaranteed area to pick up a Phase Dagger, but they sometimes appear in dungeons, and in areas with a lot of risk. They're quite price when sold (or re-bought), and are not suitable for most enemies; while something easily hit like a Living Wall or Dragon is reasonable, Quicklings will be giggling and ducking, and ones with a lots of health just take a really big punch with a different weapon.

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