Petroleum distillates, frequently called hydrocarbons or petrochemicals, are a broad range of compounds which are extracted by distillation during the refining of crude oil.

During the distillation of petroleum, crude oil is heated to allow various compounds to turn from liquid into gas and then captured as they rise, cool, and condense. Lighter, more volatile compounds rise higher before they condense and are collected on distillation trays. Heavier, less volatile compounds such as diesel fuel and oil are collected on lower distillation trays.

Petroleum distillates are found in a wide variety of consumer-products including lip gloss, liquid gas, fertilizer, furniture polish, pesticides, plastics, paint thinners, solvents, motor oil, fuels and many other products.

Products which contain petroleum distillates should be used carefully. Wear gloves to avoid skin contact and avoid breathing vapors of volatile compounds. Remember, always keep petroleum distillates away from children

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