Peter Nicol just proved that he is currently the best squash player in the world by defeating John White in the finals of the British Open in 48 minutes. Although Nicol and his closest rival, Jonathon Power, have both dominated the sport since the fall of Jansher Khan(who isn't related to Jahangir Khan, although they both dominated the sport and share the same last name) they both have had mixed results in recent tournaments.

The interesting thing about the final is that even though Peter plays for England, he is of Scottish desent, and played for Scotland until this time last year. Although John White plays for Scotland, he is originally from Australia. Both players switched alliegence from their native countries because they were recieving no financial support, even though they both were the best players in the country. Switching nationalities has become a hot topic in the sport, because many other players are doing it as well.

The issue of using nationalities to one's advantage has even trickled into the NISRA (National Intercollegiate Squash Racquets Association (the college squash association.)) Four time defending champions Trinity College in Connecticut have not lost an intercollegiate match in the four years in which they have dominated the sport. They have achieved such dramatic results by heavily recruiting top players from other countries and giving them full scholarships without looking at their academic records. Its been reported that a couple of them can't even sign their names in English. While it is within the rules of NISRA for Trinity to engage in such recruiting practices, it seems unethical, and unsportsman-like.

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