Peter Hoare is the quintessential Australian character and performance artist. Though his pieces have been derided by media and political leaders as examples of his merely being a serial pest, Peter's performances highlight the inanity of big, bloated corporate/celebrity/sporting/political events. He proves that even in the midst of these cultural juggernauts a single person can still have a place and a voice.

Public performances have included:

Crashing Michael Huchence's Funeral

Woomera Detention Centre Breakout

Invading Centre Court At The Australian Tennis Open While Andre Agassi Was Playing

Standing For Parliament Against Denis Burke

Streaking At the World Cup Soccer Qualifiers

Running In Front Of The Gee-Gees During The Melbourne Cup

Grand Prix Chicken

All the above events are an example of deep problems in Australian society. Sport and Celebrity are regularly given more political creedence and support than Heath or Education, refugee children are locked up in sub-standard jail-like desert accomodation for the sins of parents, and some of the events, such as the F1 Grand Prix were abrubtly foisted onto a local community whilst destroying parts of a much-loved parkland.

While the media brands Hoare a pest, a sizable number of fans eagerly await his next action.

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