The kit can be any small container that will slip into a pocket such as a chewing tobacco tin, altoids tin, a playing card tin or maybe even a M258A1 Decon Container. It doesn't have to be a tin. It can be plastic, although a decent sized tin can be used to heat up water. This kit is the bare minimum, so choosing the contents wisely is crucial.

The kit can variously hold: a small knife or razor blade (or exacto blade), Leatherman Micra multitool (there is also the Squirt series, which I haven't checked out yet), wire saw, snares, button compass, safety pins (making a sling, removal of splinters, or clothing repair), magnesium block (for making fire), waterproof strike anywhere matches, candle (the kind that can't be blown out), whistle, water purifying tablets, sewing kit (thread and two sewing needles, which is wrapped around the matchbook), fishing kit (three inch nails wrapped in 30 feet of monofilament fishing line, sinkers, hooks), NON Lubricated/NON Spermicide condoms (for carrying water), small bandaids, AAA battery flashlight with spare battery, a few pages of a small post-it pad (for making notes to self such as observations on terrain features), a short pencil wrapped in duct tape, a small sleeve of ibuprofen, twist ties (for attaching branches together when erecting shelter), 100 minute phone card (vital when you need to communicate and don't have money for a pay phone), extra money in bills or coins, Swiss Army Card (very flat multitool), and the container is wrapped in approximately 8-10 feet of 550 cord.

Obviously, it is impossible to fit ALL of this into one small container. Therefore, one would use the Rule Of Threes to decide on the best items to include. The Rule Of Threes states that you can survive three weeks without food, three days without water, three hours in severe weather without proper shelter, and three minutes without air.

It is equally obvious that a survival kit meant for wilderness survival isn't much help in the city. Thus, it is up to the individual to decide what his needs are (which are determined by the likely threats faced, and in which environment). This tin is for short-term, emergency survival and actions, but can go a long way if you are aware of the multiple uses of the kit items, after choosing wisely the contents. It can be a lifesaver when SHTF.

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