A basic pattern for citing periodicals in a MLA Works Cited page.


Colons should only be used between the place between the year and the page number. For example:

(1985): 345-347.


Commas are used within the inverted author name and between multiple authors, including before the last one. For example:

Moreno, Joan, and Suki Tikata.

Underlining or Italics:

For titles of periodicals, use underlining OR italics. Do not use underlining or italics for the articles within a periodical. For example:

”Kindergarten fun.” Reader’s Digest

Each citation should have a title.

Quotation Marks:

Use quotation marks for the titles within, but not for the title of the periodical itself.

Quotes imply that the quoted portion is part of a larger title.

Never underline AND use quotes on the same words.


  • Magazines:

    Issue names should be used, such as Jan., Feb., Spring, Summer, not issue numbers. Volume and issue numbers should be omitted even if they are given.

  • Journals:

    Omit issue names and use the volume an issue numbers, if needed.

Place of Publication:

The place of publication of a periodical should never be included in a works sited page, except to distinguish newspapers. For example:
Globe and Mail (Toronto)
New York Times

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