Many people who have developed great feelings of rage, dread, depression, or other, all-encompassing emotions, will spend their entire lives battling with these feelings. They believe that emotions that are negative are hindering them and should be destroyed from themselves. This is sometimes the case, but in certain cases, it is not so simple.
In the case of an unhappy childhood, where the child developes a fear of abandonment, or unfocused rage, or any other negative feeling, there is no use, or cause, in battling these emotions. Negativity is a part of some individuals. Part of the aura, the soul, and the mind. How can a part of a being be battled by that very being. When a child grows into a creature with negativity as part of its being, there should be no battle, for any battle would be futile. These beings need to balance their base parts: all of their negativity and positivity need to be joined as one.

Only the joining of all parts of oneself can end the battles within. Only this joining and balance of all the elements within a creature can uncover its true potential and power.

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