The Dominican preacher, born in Opole in 13th century. His sermons, written down in 1295-1303 were famous not only in Poland but in whole Western Europe. Rewritten many times, they were published in nine printed editions at the turn of 16th century.

Per"e*grine (?), a. [L. peregrinus. See Pilgrim.]

Foreign; not native; extrinsic or from without; exotic.

[Spelt also pelegrine.] "Peregrine and preternatural heat."


Peregrine falcon Zool., a courageous and swift falcon (Falco peregrinus), remarkable for its wide distribution over all the continents. The adult plumage is dark bluish ash on the back, nearly black on the head and cheeks, white beneath, barred with black below the throat. Called also peregrine hawk, duck hawk, game hawk, and great-footed hawk.


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Per"e*grine (?), n.

The peregrine falcon.


© Webster 1913.

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