A snack food available in Britain and possibly elsewhere in Europe, produced by Van den Bergh Foods, a division of the ubiquitous Kraft. Peperami is a spicy salami sausage about 8 inches long and 1/2 inch wide. Quite tasty and if you like pepperoni on your pizza you'd probably like Peperami.

One of those confusing foodstuffs that says on the packaging 100% Pork Salami Sausage despite the fact that the ingredients list specifies plenty of things other than pork.

As well as the traditional Peperami they've recently been trying to expand their product range: you can now get an extra hot Peperami (added chilis ... yum!) and a Wide Boy Peperami which is ... err ... wider than the original. They all use the somewhat ironic advertising catchphrase "It's a bit of an animal".

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