You run into them every now and again. People that you may have worked with, gone to school with, used to be really good friends with once upon a time. You see them, and say hello for some unknown reason, and chat about what has been happening with one another for the past however many years.

Them: "Good to see you."

You: "You too, what have you been up to?" (most of the time you don't really care, but it's polite to ask)

Them: "Not a lot, working..."

And this is where you hear the twenty minute version of thier lives. They tell you that they have kids, or are making lots of money, maybe that they moved out of state for awhile. Their working on some giant new record deal, coding the new Star Wars game, or own a beach house in the Caymens. Half of them have gotten married, the other half are graduating with a masters soon.

Them again: "... what have you been up to." You: "Well, I'm living in the same place, have the same phone number, still working on the undergrad, and am putting time in at __________ company."

Well, wasn't that a fullfilling and meaningful conversation, right there...

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