"People Are Alike All Over" is the 25th episode of The Twilight Zone, first broadcast in March of 1960. It starred Roddy McDowall and Susan Oliver, as well as having a part for Vic Perrin, who would later find fame as a voice actor.

Two astronauts talk before going on an expedition to Mars, and their ship crash lands. The two shared a philosophical discussion about the nature of exploration and what to expect from anyone else they might encounter. One of them had an optimistic view, that "People Are Alike All Over", dies in the crash. The remaining one leaves the rocket to find peaceful, humanoid and telepathic natives, who greet him and quickly provide him with a nice earth home, scanned from his mind. And then...

This episode suffers a bit from zeerust, and the dialog, action and conclusion are a bit compressed and feel forced. We also have seen a rocket crashlanding on a strange planet a few times before, and Elegy, only five episodes before, had a similar set-up of a surprisingly idyllic landscape and a kind figure. However, this is the first Twilight Zone episode that truly displays an alien civilization, and one of the founding televised examples of a "crystal spires and togas" civilization. And beyond the visual presentation, this episode explores the ideas of utopia and dystopia, and how beneficial contact with alien civilizations would be.

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