I have to stop looking into people's houses when I am on a bus, or when I am walking home. Especially when I am walking home. It is compulsive viewing. It is a funny moment. It's one of those moments worthy of capturing and keeping in a safe place for a day when no one is around and you are bored and nostalgic and sentimental. One day I will make a list of worthy moments to capture. For now, this moment. It is more intimate than I would have expected. It sort of has a joint tongue in cheek irony and after it, you can feel a small smile creeping into the corners of your mouth.

It is crisp outside. Night-time, maybe early evening, maybe even afternoon. The winter air bites your lips and ears and nose. Your hair whips your cheeks. Your fingers are gloved, but cold. There is Christmas in the air, you can feel it, see it, hear it almost. All you want is a hug. Or a hot chocolate. Or someone to hold your hand. Their curtains are open, and you can see them gathering around the table, "Kids, DINNER" or him sitting with his holey socks on the beer table, "Score!!", or her in her large baggy jumper and grey leggings snuggling up to him in his charcoal turtleneck "I Love You". All snapshots.

And you watch them. And they catch you. And they watch you watching them trying not to watch you trying not to watch them. And as the raindrops fall on your head, you think, "This should be snow."

It is a funny moment.

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