Pec"ti*na`te (?), Pec"ti*na`ted (?), a. [L. pectinatus, of pectinare to comb, from pecten, -inis, a comb; cf. Gr. to comb, AS. feax hair, OHG. fahs, E. paxwax.]


Resembling the teeth of a comb.

2. Nat. Hist.

Having very narrow, close divisions, in arrangement and regularity resembling those of a comb; comblike; as, a pectinate leaf; pectinated muscles. See Illust. (e) of Antennae.


Interlaced, like two combs.

[R.] "Our fingers pectinated, or shut together."

Sir T. Browne.

Pectinate claw Zool., a claw having a serrate edge, found in some birds, and supposed to be used in cleaning the feathers.


© Webster 1913.

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