The Peachtree Center Marta station in downtown Atlanta is an imfamous place. This is the only man made place in the world I know of which simultaneously makes upwards of thirty people believe the laws of physics have gone to hell roughly every ten minutes. The reason for this amazement and confusion is one of its escalators, easily the longest and tallest in the southeast. In addition to being ridiculiously long and tall, the fact that it ascends from a subway adds to the surreal feelings it gives, since the walls of subterranean enviornments altered by man are usually, like this tunnel's repetitive teal tiles with blocks of cement at the top, boring. As someone goes up it, they feel a sense that they are falling in an upwards direction, as their neck strains up as far as it can go, only able to see the top of the escalator. When someone goes down it for the first time, they usually wonder why gravity doesn't give them the beating they so richly deserve. It is not for the faint of heart or unsound minds.

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