One of the pavillions of the University of Québec at Trois-Rivières, and the one in which I study.

The pavillion is (obviously) named after Benjamin Sulte. It is the art pavillion, and is separate from all of the other buildings. It is situated next to Boulevard des Forges, and is just North of the main entrance.

It is recognizable by a large metal sculpture of circles and lines (entitled "En Orbite") on the wall, on the level of the 2nd floor. Also, the lawn space surrounding the pavillion is peppered with large concrete, metal, wood, and stone sculptures. There is also a zen garden which was just added over the course of the summer; there are rocks and sand, and there is a rake provided. Now (October), however, it is too cold to act as a place of much meditation.

Even though the doors are locked after 23h00, and are not open again until 7h30, if you are in the building, and possessing a little green sticker marked "Arts Plastiques" on your student identification, you could even sleep there. I think that I may yet do this sometime this winter. I already keep a housecoat, a bar of soap, a towel, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and a rasor in my locker. And my supplies.

The rooms in the pavillion:

Cold Glass Workshop
Hot Glass Workshop

Main Floor
Administration Offices
Professor Offices
Computer Room
Documentation Centre
Photography Lab
Theatre Room
Resins and Plastics Workshop
Pulp and Paper Room
Multipurpose Room

2nd Floor
Seriography Workshop
Drawing Room
Sculpting Room
Painting Room
Lecture Room

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