From Wisconsin. A leader of the 70s New Right that led to the Reagan Revolution; founder of the Heritage Foundation, a right-wing FUD^H^H^Hthink tank; president of the Free Congress Foundation (a "Money by Scaife" production), a similarly-styled "watchdog"; co-founder of National Empowerment Television, a via-satellite mouthpiece of FCF. Member of the Council for National Policy, the semi-secret rightist equivalent to the Trilateral Commission (sorta). God may have spoken to Pat Robertson in the form of Weyrich (or was it the other way around?), leading to the 1988 Robertson for President campaign. I could go on and on...

Weyrich's a "social conservative" (pro-life, welfare reform, kill the NEA, etc), but he's pretty hard-line across the board (and, to his credit, never "goes along to get along" - but that became his downfall from influence amongst Republicans, post-1994).

Disgusted first over Newt "I'm not a social conservative, I just play one on TV" Gingrich's lack of full-blooded Tory rigor (i.e. "conservative leaders aren't especially Moral..."), and then over the continued popularity of "that lying adulterer" Bill Clinton ("...cultural conservatives aren't a Majority"), Weyrich seems to have retreated, a little, to the cultural-separatist roots of the fundamentalist and evangelical constituencies (e.g. the "Moral Majority", including the politically-indifferent Democrat Jerry Falwell) that he originally helped coax into the GOP "Big Tent".

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