I've never really been one to pass notes in class. I'm not sure whether it's because I've never had anyone to pass notes to, or because I've never really had anything or any information that was 'noteworthy'. I am in Year 11 at the moment, including preschool and the sort, that's 13 years of education of my nearly 16 years here. Yes, the first two years were only half-week schooling, but still, plenty of time to pass notes in class as an inquisitive young mind.

I can recall mates passing notes in class, and sometimes I'd have to do the actual passing of the note itself, always tempted to open it and read, never done though. Only once I can remember passing a note, that was about three weeks ago.

I was sitting in a fairly lax class with some friends, take note that they were girls and close friends of the target of my desires. One of them already knew, the other though, she was shocked to find out. She wanted to dig deeper. With the teacher back on track with the class she passed me a note. I guess you could say it was a new experience. We passed the note back and forth multiple times, each time adding to it’s finite wisdom.

I don’t particularly like the whole idea of passing notes, a whole conversation recorded onto a piece of paper, any one could get if they tried hard enough. I think I’ll pass on passing notes in the future, for what little schooling I have left. It’s just occurred to me as I’m writing this; If something is that important that others can’t know it then I should know you well enough to find a time to talk quietly about whatever it is. That makes the whole purpose of the note quite pointless really, in my eyes at least.

All in all, the note's a dying form anyway. Soon people will just be texting or instant messaging the person next to them. When that time comes I’ll be wanting to pass a note to hold onto a sliver of my time now.


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