Pronounced by vulgar Americans as "pah-dah ba-ray."

French for "step of the bourrée," bourrée being a traditional French dance. In modern times, this particular step is probably most often found in ballet and jazz dance.

Dance movements are tricky to explain with words (that's why we have goofy names for steps, like pas de bourrée to name a set of movements exactly), so this will be accompanied by horrible ASCII art.

o represents your heel.
- \ / all represent your foot.
* represents a pointed toe, meaning your heel is off the ground.
The right foot is highlighted.

      \           0) Leading position.
       o          Left foot turned out (or neutral),
             o-*  right foot pointed to your right
                  (Weight on left foot, obviously)

      \           1) "Back."
       o          Step your right foot
      /           behind your left foot
     o           (Weight shifts to right foot)

\                 2) "Step."
 o    /           Step your left foot sideways to your left
     o            (Weight shifts to left foot)

         /        3) "Front."
        o         Take a giant step to the right
\                 slightly forward, almost a lunge
 o                (Weight can't help but shift to right foot)

Ideally, you are to the right and slightly ahead of where you started. Now you are in a great position to repeat 1 through 3 in the other direction.

        o         "Back."

       \    o     "Step."

   o              "Front."

Now, of course, you are set up to start all over again from step 1. Try putting your arms in second position (out at your sides, slightly lower than your shoulders). Don't you feel snazzy? You're dancin'!

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