Par`a*cen"tric (?), Par`a*cen"tric*al (?), a. [Pref. para- + centric, -ical: cf. F. paracentrique.]

Deviating from circularity; changing the distance from a center.

Paracentric curve Math., a curve having the property that, when its plane is placed vertically, a body descending along it, by the force of gravity, will approach to, or recede from, a fixed point or center, by equal distances in equal times; -- called also a paracentric. -- Paracentric mottonvelocity, the motion or velocity of a revolving body, as a planet, by which it approaches to, or recedes from, the center, without reference to its motion in space, or to its motion as reckoned in any other direction.


© Webster 1913.

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