Palm Programming - The Developer's Guide is a book written by Neil Rhodes and Julie McKeehan, and published by O'Reilly in January 1999. The book is about C programming for the PalmOS, using the Palm SDK.

Chapter List:

    I. Palm - Why it works and How to Program It
  1. The Palm Solution
  2. Development Environments and Languages
  3. Designing a Solution
    II. Designing Palm Applications
  4. Structure of an Application
  5. Forms and Form Objects
  6. Databases
  7. Menus
  8. Extras
  9. Communications
  10. Debugging Palm Applications
    III. Designing Conduits
  11. Getting Started with Conduits
  12. Uploading and Downloading Data with a Conduit
  13. Two-Way Syncing
  14. Debugging Conduits

My review of this book is both good and bad. The good things in this book is that it's very accurate and contains loads of information. The bad things are that many examples are very out of context and hard to understand, and the book is slightly out of date nowadays, with PalmOS 3.0+ around. Minor things. It is a good book, in general. It comes with a CD contains the Palm SDK and such, as well as even the Linux Palm C compiler.

ISBN 1-56592-525-4

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