Pali Text Society was founded in 1881 by T.W. Rhys Davids "to foster and promote the study of Pali texts".

It publishes original Pali texts in roman characters, as well as their translations in English.

Additionally, it publishes ancillary works including dictionaries, concordance, books for students of Pali, and a journal.

Most of the classical Pali texts and commentaries have now been edited and many works translated into English. (Pali is the language of the Pali Canon - the collection of Theravada Buddhist suttas).

Pali Text Society aims to keep almost all its publications in print and to produce at least two new books and a volume of its Journal each year.

Its web site is at

Its address (in UK) is:

The Pali Text Society
73 Lime Walk
Oxford OX3 7AD

Tel: (01865) 742125
Fax: +44 1865 750 079

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