You have to wonder if something can in any way be racist if it's so unbelievably absurd that it simply cannot be.

And speaking of absurdity - absurdist humor is genuinely hard. Rational beings that we are, we try very hard to and therefore organize things and even Monty Python ends up having its sketches answer to their own rules... which is why they quickly flip to another one.

So in comes Spike Milligan whose brain, like Thelonious Monk, was broken in just the right way so as to produce genius. And what a genius little sketch it is. It's from the series Q6 but has been immortalized on YouTube.

And the jokes are layered fast and furious, and don't make any sense, even internally. 

The sketch is simple to describe: a Dalek wearing a Muslim prayer hat glides through the now-exploded door and proceeds to have a banal conversation with his harried white housewife. Excepting that "And how is Mr. Ballarjee doing?" "Not! wel!l". ends with "Why not?" "Because! I! ex!-ter!-mi!-na!-ted! him!" Swaying back and forth, the Dalek knocks over everything in the house as the housewife tries to keep things upright and unbroken and yet still maintain the appallingly pedestrian conversation. "How was the commute!" "I! Ex!-ter!-mi!-na!-ted! Them!"

Their child, a scaled-down Dalek enters the room and answers "have you finished your homework?" with "Yes! I! Have! Destroyed! It!" During the conversation, they shoot and kill the elderly grandmother sitting in the room, the family dog, and a parrot, each time exclaiming "Put! It! In! The! Curry!"

The sketch ends with the woman breaking the fourth wall and saying "Now you know what's wrong with the country!" and "Now you know what's wrong with the curry!"

But the more you think about it, the weirder it gets. A Dalek is an alien species, why it would somehow be Pakistani is ludicrous. Not only has the woman married this monstrous, exterminating machine but somehow amazingly given birth to their child, a metal carapace. Given her patience and obvious love for her family even in the face of them having clearly killed everyone and everything around her, she nevertheless parrots the 70s era British racism about immigrants being what's wrong with the country. 

The Daleks sway back and forth, a nod to the problem the BBC had in determining that they were actually somehow alive - making each Dalek sway back and forth and light up lights on the sides of their heads when talking. And in on obvious nod to various outtakes on Doctor Who when the half-blind operators bumped into things, Milligan (or whoever operated the Dalek) crashes it into just about everything on the set.

Given that they don't eat, why are they making curry? If it's to sell, why is she telling the world there's something wrong with it?

The more you try to explain what's going on, the less sense it makes.

And it doesn't take some really outlandish setup. A perfectly pedestrian set, a perfectly normal housewife. Just another day in suburban Britain.

Just a Dalek with a Pakistani accent crashing through a door and being met with "Hello, Dear. How was your day?"



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