In 1981 Fleer released a set of Pac-Man stickers and rub-off game cards. These came in wax packs of 3 stickers, 3 rub-off game cards, and one stick of chalky bubble gum. There were 54 different stickers and 28 different rub-off games. The rub-off games consisted of a Pac-Man-like maze with rub-off spots. There are 46 spots to rub off, and under each is either a dot, a cherry, blue monsters, or red, orange, pink monsters. Pac-Man starts in the usual middle spot.

There are 3 variations of the stickers.

Variation 1:
FRONT: Sticker Pac-Men have no eyes or outline whatsoever.
BACK: Blue print, normal pac-man in upper right corner.

Variation 2:
FRONT: Sticker Pac-Men have eyes in the shape of pac-man, or big rolling "google" eyes with irises, Pac-men outlined in blue and red on the sides.
BACK: Blue print, shmoo-like pac-man in upper right corner.

Variation 3:
FRONT: No differences found, yet.
BACK: Black print, normal Pac-Man in upper right corner.

Please see the Pac-Man Stickers FAQ for more information.

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