If you want some class in your Sunday…

1. Find you way to the freshest local fish market e.g. Pyrmont Fish Market if you are in Sydney City, Australia.
2. But before you leave home, don't forget a bottle of XO Hennessy Cognac and a knife.
3. At Fish Market, buy 1 or 2 dozen freshly opened oysters e.g. Sydney Rock Oysters
4. Buy 1 lemon, 1 tube of wasabi, 1 small bottle of Japanese soya sauce (all available at the same place, of course).
5. Sit down NOW.
6. Slice up the lemon and squeeze over the oysters.
7. Pour a drop or two of XO Hennessy Cognac over the oysters.
8. Dip oyster in soya sauce and wasabi.
9. ENJOY & Tell me if there is anything better than this.

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