Eric Dolphy-headed out-jazz romp of February 25, 1964. Available remastered from Blue Note Records. Freddie Hubbard on trumpet, Eric on his usual assortment (saxes, flute, and bass clarinet), Bobby Hutcherson on vibes, Richard Davis on bass, and Anthony Williams on drums.

The record kicks off with Hat and Beard, a fantastic and swiftly freed vibrating 5/4 and 9/4 tune. After a few minutes, the rhythm section really kicks into the groove. That's when something intangible takes the reins and off into the vast blue yonder we go.

Dolphy is one of those severely underlooked artisans of the '60s, and it was truly a shame when * took him. This album is one of his greatest moments. Beautiful, energetic, and just plain and simple: rockin'.

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