Our game.
(inspired by the ongoing NHL hockey lockout)

60 Watts of power play
Should be enough for any day
To light the dreary nights away
And keep our demon thoughts at bay

But when the filament does go out
The goals are secretly moved about
Our game is gone, we start to shout
The dark nights scare us all no doubt

With darkness a new reality comes
You're going to die, it softly hums
You pass, you score, you fight over crumbs
Your game is pointless, it wickedly strums

The next morning, however, our eyes open wide
With a twinkle of knowledge, the night has just died
An idea emerges, of a thought left un-tried
We'll play shinny all day, you pick your side

No power is needed when we become young
With dangles and dekes and warmth from the sun
We pause for a moment, then skate like we've won
Our game never quite seemed, like so much fun.

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