Our Way - Darkenu

A song from Danny Bassan's 1989 album "The kid in me" ("HaYeled SheBi"), which recently became quite popular in Israeli radio since it got renewed as the theme song of the TV show The Bourgeoises.
The song was written by Yankale Rotvilt and its music by Izhar Ashdot.
The new version is sung by Sarit Vinogerd.

I find it to be a beautiful song, both its lyrics and music are amazing and touching. It is also very relevant to the TV show, as the show is about people who supposedly has everything, but actually has nothing, and are always in a journey for the "basic" stuff: love, friendship and meanings.

An audio clip and a video clip (featuring the show's stars) are avilable at the official site of the show, both in the asf format:
(Hebrew. The first link is to the audio clip and the second is the video clip)

Bellow are the lyrics for the song, first the original in Hebrew and then translated into English by me (Any comments on the translation are welcome, /msg me).

Darkenu Yankale Rotvlit

Or halev nimhal be'or ha'yareach
Al ha'kar searech shafuch
Ba'chalon zameret etz poreach
Ve'hasheket chazar, roim lefi hachiuch

Seara hayta, Hine halfa la
Ve'panaich shuv rog'ot kipney hayam
Im ha'or nosif la'lechet hala
Od ha'derech raba, hamasa adain lo tam

Lo kala hi, Lo kala darkenu
Ve'einaich lifamim ko nogot
Od sadot porhim yesh lefanenu
Od harim gvoim, ve'tzoneney psagot

Resisim shel or be'dmaotaich
Ve'chiuch shuv megashesh darko elay
Kol ha'tov odeno le'fanaich
Simi rosh al ktefay, tni li yadech be'yadi

Od meat, yitam haner ligvoa
Od meat yuvas hasheket hamvorach
Hamulat hayom tatchil livkoa
Lo telchi lvadech, Ani ehye sham itach



Our Way translated by me.

The heart's light mixes with the moon's light
On the pillow, your hair is poured
On the window, the top of a growing tree
And the silence is back, you can see by the smile

There was a storm, there it goes
And your face are calm as the face of sea
With the light we keep going forward
The way is still long, the journey isn't over yet

Not easy, not easy is the way
And your eyes are sometimes so sad
More growing fields are ahead
More high mountains and cool heights

Shards of light in your tears
And a smile finds its way to me
All the good is still ahead of you
Put your head on my shoulder, put your hand in mine

Soon the candle will expire
Soon the blessed silence will be beaten
The noise of the day will break through
You will not go alone, I will be there with you



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