Our Daughters Wedding was a New Wave band active from 1977 to 1983, based out of New York.
Their members were: Layne Rico (synthesizers), Keith Silva (vocals/synthesizers) and Scott Simon (saxophone/synthesizers).

Best known for the song "Lawnchairs" (with the chorus "Lawnchairs are everywhere/ they're everywhere in my mind/ describe them... to me"), which was a cross-over hit. Despite releasing an album ("Moving Windows", 1982, EMI) with several more dancy tunes (like the bubbly "Buildings" and the smart "Elevate Her"), they never again reclaimed the level of success of "Lawnchairs." They broke up in 1983.

Their sound was similar to Suicide's, but more cool and less dark. Now a forgotten footnote of New Wave, once upon a time they were the thinking man's Men Without Hats.

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