A race of aliens from the Star Frontiers RPG. One of the three Rim Races, they are described in Zebulon's Guide to Frontier Space. They hail from the planet Osak.

Osakar are thin, spidery centauroids with six limbs that can function as either arms or legs (usually two arms and four legs. They are covered with small, overlapping white scales.

Osakar are hermaphroditic, and thus are all physically similar, essentially an entire race of clones. Due to this, they have a very strange psychological characteristic - all Osakar seek to distinguish themselves from other members of their race, as regards to clothing and accessories, all the way to philosophy and religious belief. Indeed, several extinct (and even fictional) religions of the other races have been revived and are being practiced by at least one Osakar.

Osakar have two tongues and have a lilting musical language that cannot be spoken by any non-Osakar (since their vocal equipment just isn't adequate for the task). They are also the Frontier's finest linguists, and many Osakar can speak half-a-dozen or more languages fluently.

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