Eighties architectural sin very conveniently located in north Italy

"Orio al Serio" airport is a rather ugly international airport serving as a gateway to the centre of north Italia, currently pushing 3 million passengers through its dingy gates. It's right next to the town of Bergamo and has good connections via bus and train to Milan, Como, Brescia, Lake Garda. It has no weather or night flight restrictions, a 3000 m runway suitable for all types of aircraft and currently allows 18 runway movements per hour.

The airport's design stems from the mid eighties and its interior is rather dark and dirty and not particulary comfortable: plenty of greyish concrete, low ceilings and rather ugly colour schemes put italian design to shame. There is a small trattoria installed in one of the holes in the concrete, serving run of the mill food and a couple of wines near the check - in counters, and past security there's nothing really to get exited about apart from rather uncomfortable seats on the gates.

The airport is served by the following mostly low cost airlines to 35 destinations, including England, Germany, Slovenia, Greece, Norway, Cabo Verde, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, Luxemburg, Sweden and Romania (Timisoara, to be exact):

The main attraction for tourists is of course magnificent Milan (and of course Ryanair calls this airport as usual misleadingly Milan) and after an hour's bustransfer through typically hypermanic italian traffic, you are in Italy's most interesting city.


Source: http://www.sacbo.it

Updated 1/2004 with special emphasis on the interior after an inquiry of editor at large, Ouroboros.

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