Products: dough and pastry baked deliciousness
Location: 752 Anzac Highway, Glenelg, South Australia
Established: 1949
Owner: Nick and Margaret Davey
Prices: almost touristy, but reasonable
Seating: approx. 12, indoors
Smoking: no
Open: 7am - 4pm, 7 days a week
Contact: +61 8 8295 5799
Logo: an arbitrary quadrant of a slice of orange

If in Adelaide and down at the bay, the Orange Spot Bakery is well worth checking out.

Commencing simulation run...

You are now standing under an accommodating corrugated iron awning, in front of a narrow dark red brick building. Either side of the building is a mere 150mm clearance for a handful of long-dead woody vines and plumbing for the bakery and neighbouring buildings. You cannot see them now that you are off the street, but an ugly array of photovoltaic panels line the surface of the fifty year old roof above you, just one of the ways The Spot became Australia's first 100% carbon neutral retail bakery. Between tall, horizontally convex windows are stained glass double doors shielded by a curtain of plastic strips to keep flies out. You now step off the pavement and onto a fancy tiled floor, and your vision is limited to five directions as the curtain reforms behind you.

Starting from the far left, you sweep clockwise. Tiny chairs encompass an equally small round table. Shelves line the entire wall, and trophies line the entire shelves. In a small corner is enough space for a visitors book and a basket of cutlery. National awards, state awards, district awards, there are just so many awards, awards for Australia's best pasties, Australia's best bread bakery, South Australia's best sourdough bakery, Australia's least carbon producing bakery, clippings from newspaper articles praising the bakery.

"And what would you like?" You jump as a beaming female face tilts to the side. Between her and you is a glass counter packed with cream buns, Berliners, lamingtons, custard slices, doughnuts, the list goes on and on. Your eyes continue past her before you answer. The next counter has even more, it has pies and pasties and sandwiches and bread rolls and... you stop to catch your breath. On your right, glass door after door encase drinks in an in-wall refrigerator. A few more tiny tables are pressed against the front wall of the shop, the chairs around them empty.

"Hi, I'll have a sausage roll please. Sauce." A moment later you are handed a by-product of Baking Sweeter Sustainability.

Written 29/11/10 by Scout, published by Scarlet.

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