This is about my cat.

I have made nodes dedicated to things in my life and I have forgotten a few. Onyx was just a little kitten when I got her. When I walked in the room of the house she picked me. I guess that's why she's always been so special. She walked right up to me and snuggled against my leg.

She's black with these amazing glowing eyes. She is the cutest thing I have ever seen next to hamster bong. ;) I got her about a month after I moved out, if it wasn't for her I would have more than likely gone crazy. She would sleep right beside me, watch t.v. with me, and just sit with me when I was crying. I could look into her eyes and it almost seemed like she would talk to me. I have never been apart from her except, now. I can't have her and she's back at my parents house. I would love to just hold her and someday again I will. She is the best pet I've ever owned and I have had many... but the only one i've ever truly loved is her.

One day I'll more than likely turn into a crazy cat lady, but no matter how many cats I'll have Onyx will always rank #1.

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