Two-Ton J. was said to have run a very successful crew, a long time ago. As his name implies, Two-Ton was a pretty big guy; but that's not what made him famous. Two-ton almost never spoke to anyone, including his own crew. When ever anyone would ask him a question, like anything at all, he wouldn't say a word. He would just flip them off. And that was usually enough.

One day, one of Two-Ton's escorts started flipping outsiders off when they would ask what Two-Ton was about.

When Two-Ton learned of this, he met up with her in a cul de sac. He flipped out a switch-blade, and cut off her middle finger. She screamed in pain, and started to run out, but before she left he called her back. She turned back to him, and he flipped her off. Suddenly, she had an epiphany, and she understood everything.

Time would go on and finally Two-Ton would get gunned down in a shoot-out. Laying on the pavement, his last words were "I have flipped those fuckers off all for all my life, never failing, just like my old man before me. And it has never grown old." And then, Two-Ton passed away.

Adapted from Koan #3 of the Mumonkan.

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