I used to be a child
My laughter always on the edge of my lips
My eyes wide with curiosity
My skin tingling with the new sensations
I used to be happy with myself
Able to justify my actions with whim
I was ready to ride the wind
Exploring the world around me as I conquered.
Innocence was bliss
And happiness was never a question
I used to be a child

And suddenly the summers faded into winter
The chill of reality made me cold
So I wrapped myself up in a blanket
A cover of cynicism and doubt
The world that I had conquered now confused me
Things had changed

My laughter seemed to retreat behind the sounds of my anger
My eyes shut tightly, keeping out the harshness of this world
I feared the world as I existed in it
Innocence was lost
And happiness was an illusion

I used to be a child
I was never afraid

Now I am grown up
And it scares me to death.

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