Recently, I was browsing a forum when I came across a topic about Nintendo's exclusion of homosexual marriage from a video game for the 3DS, on the subject around three contributors had posted 80 long answers between them. This took up 6 pages of 15 posts. It struck me upon reading the first page that the contributors were being overtly aggressive over the subject of gay marriage and since posting on the topic had 'fallen-out' of friendship with each other. This upset me as it was clear that the argument had gotten out of hand with the 'shouting' CAPS LOCK format and had caused a break in relations between two friends.

I'm sure that this is not what people wanted to happen when they began petitioning for gay marriage and other freedoms for the less popular and discriminated cultures across the globe.

I've seen this breaking of friendships between groups and people in other similar situations such as the way a minority of atheists have begun to shun Christians in the UK, posting horrible messages on Social Media such as "Fuck the Church." and "Christians should go to hell." I, myself am not a Christian but found these messages offensive, particularly to my own family as my parents are Christian and go to church every Sunday - dragging me along with them and making me sing songs with titles like He is Risen and Bless the Lord O' my soul. For the same people who may wish to marry in a church (and who now, legally can) say such things about the church completely defeats the object of their faith and the covenant that they make with God on their marriage.

And while some Christians may have been calling homosexuals and homosexuality 'a sin' since time began, this really doesn't apply to most Christians as although the Bible said that marriage should only be between a man and a woman, the Bible also teaches love and tolerance and there is not a single person in my church who has even shunned a homosexual and rightly so. In this way it is unfair to group all Christians together as those who openly shun the LGBT society tend to be the only ones who get heard because of their controversy. Maybe the issue should be treated similarly to the way James I treated The Gunpowder Plot - He recognised that the plotters represented a minority of Catholics and not the community at large and therefore only the actual plotters were punished. But I'm not saying anyone should be punished - that's simply Medieval - just that those who seem to represent the 'belief' that homosexuals should be shunned should be treated as a minority.

This post, in essence, is myself pointing out the ridiculous concept of people 'asking for peace whilst creating a war' and although this war of which I speak is not a total war, I feel that it has ripped open too many veins.

Despite the fact that homosexual marriage has been legalized, I think that it may have happened quicker if those who wished to marry did not send out offensive messages such as 'fuck the church.'

Furthermore, too many people get involved with these 'moral' debates for example at Eurovision 2014. On Twitter there was a huge outcry of 'if you don't vote for Conchita Wurst then you're clearly against cross-dressing and transexuals' which could be why she got so many votes when really, people should have been voting for the song. Many of the people voting and saying these things across all similar debates and arguments were also my own age or younger. People who are too quick to jump on a band-wagon and create small cults with views that are misguided and extreme which lead to the hateful messages as the ones earlier listed.

Although I do agree that discrimination should end, I believe that the whole world is going about achieving their goals in completely the wrong way by 'asking for peace whilst creating a war.'

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”

- Martin Luther King Jr.

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